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Brisbane Air Conditioner Cleaning

Brisbane Air Conditioner Cleaning is a professional Hvac cleaner proudly owned and operated in Brisbane, Australia. Our technicians fully understand all aspects of split air conditioning units, as well knowing how to clean them thoroughly.

There is a big difference between us and our competitors. Our competitors are usually cleaning businesses, hoiwever our company work alongside our sister company Snap Air Conditionsing to provide you with a full service if necessary.

Why do you need to service, or chemical clean an air conditioner?

Generally, air conditioner retailers just recommend cleaning filters regularly to optimise the performance of the unit,however, this is a very big misconception.

Servicing your air conditioner or getting it chemically cleaned is recommended to be serviced once a year, like you would with your car. Your air conditioner builds up moisture when cooling, which overtime promotes bacteria and mold growth. Overtime, mold infests the air con unit, the spores will begin to spread through the air.  This can cause serious illness and should be remedied as soon as possible..

Not only doies our service remove mold and smell in your air conditioner, your unit will look and work just as new – not to mention the savings on your electricity bill.

What We Do

Step1: Area preparation

  • Cover the area with plastic sheets to make sure the cleaning area is well protected from splashing.
  • Place the wash bag under the unit to catch the solution residue and water during cleaning.
  • Isolate the power to the unit or protect the electrical circuitry of the air conditioner with a plastic sheet where required.

Step 2: Disassemble

  • Remove the casing, the front cover of the air conditioning unit and remove the filters. Set aside and clean them and the cover separately outside.

Step 3: Pre-cleaning

  • Remove the excess dust and debris on the surface of the coil and fins to prevent loose contaminants clogging during cleaning.

Step 4: Cleaning

  • Apply the specially produced cleaning solution over the coil, fins barrel fan and fan casing and leave the solution to dissolve and dislodge bio slime inside components for a few minutes.
  • Clean and flush the drip tray to remove any dirt and other contaminants that could become a nutrition source for the mould and fungi.
  • Clean and flush the drainpipe to avoid the blockage caused by accumulated contamination.
  • Rinse the whole unit thoroughly with a pressure spray to remove the contaminates and leave the coils and fins clean and free from any debris.

Step 5: Restoration

  • Reassemble the unit and test the performance.

Step 6:  Clean up.

RESULTS of a professionally cleaned air conditioner include:
  • Water leaks  GONE
  • Bad smell GONE
  • Unit efficiency IMPROVED
  • Electricity consumption IMPROVED
  • Life-span of the unit IMPROVED


Trusted & Experienced

We have been in business for 10+ years with excellent reviews 

Reliable & Fully Insured

We use the latest apps and software to serve you better


No Contracts

There is no pushy sales people trying to sign you up 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If not 100% satisfied with our job, we will come back to clean it again. 

Absolutely perfect, professional, excellent workmanship, value for money. Do not hesitate to use these guys for your air con!

Alex Simovic

Peter arranged the installation within 2 days after my first contact with him. Great communications and clear explanations. The technicians are very professional, helpful and polite.

Maggie Prew

Very happy with the team, they did a great job on my very old air-conditioning unit that was full of mould. Was so pleased that they were able to remove all the mould, smell is gone  

Glitter Ati

I was very happy with the customer service and the boys did a outstanding job

Paul Barney

Excellent service. Emailed about a new air con installation on the Thursday, spoke to Peter and got it all completed the following Tuesday.

Tony Bowen

Very easy to deal with. Also great prices compared to similar products from other air-con businesses. Would recommend.

Adam Clark

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